Where the Cricket Sings

Luken stands on the clifftops outside St Jean de Luz in France looking across to Spain, the land he is forbidden to return to under penalty of death … but knows that he will.

In Northern Spain 1936, Fascist forces are imposing their deadly ideology: 
‘Think like us or die.’
Dissenters are executed.

Luken urges his fellow citizens to revolt for better working conditions and his wife, Miren, a nurse, treats left wing sympathisers – fatal actions under the regime.
Both are forced to flee with their daughter and son.

Finding no work in France, they reach out to an old friend of Luken’s, who helps them create a new life in Ireland.
This fresh start, however, is threatened when they discover the shadowy forces and influences they thought were left behind are still in pursuit.

Inspired by actual characters and events, this is a beautifully written story of  exile and asylum, an epic tale of murder, love and betrayal and, ultimately, of the reaffirmation of the human soul.


“Well researched and compelling”

Amazon review

“A thoroughly well researched and compelling book, full of colour and detail. With several character stories to follow there is never a dull moment. I found the story of Miren and Luken fascinating, particularly their resilience in dealing with the struggles of exile and starting over. Very enjoyable.”

Amazon review

“An engrossing story”

Amazon review

“This is an unusual story, actually it’s an epic story. It’s not just about exile and refuge, as the blurb says, but explores the tension, the pressures and ambitions of the protagonists as they wrestle with their changing stations in life. I particularly liked Miren, the indomitable main female character, who unflinchingly adapted and coped with her new circumstances. And Luken also, who never gave up despite the enormous setbacks. Despite its length, an enthralling story that moves along at a pace.

Where the Cricket Sings is such a fabulous read. It follows a family from Spain during the Civil War in 1936, then to France and finally Ireland as they struggle to find a new life. I loved reading about Luken and his wife Mirren, this book is written so realistically I was immersed immediately and found myself being ‘part of their family and their journey. 

The plot flows brilliantly and while this book is both emotional and dramatic, it is one of those books that makes your heart sing. I loved it”

Net Galley review

“This was such an interesting read for me on a personal level as I have Spanish blood in me and Irish blood in me so I found this a fascinateing read. I liked the writing, I found the storyline to be gripping and I thought the characters were well developed. A good solid read.”

Net Galley review

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ISBN: 978-1399935661
Publication date: 2022
Publisher: D T Murphy
Price: $8.99
Editions: Kindle and Paperback