Work in progress: The Dipping

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A meeting between a circus clown and a serial killer is not the funniest murder you ever heard of. It’s something completely different.

Two individuals, on the far side of Europe from each other, are heading for disaster in different directions. Cliona, a thief and petty criminal, has to make a quick exit out of Ireland. In Croatia, Leon, a shrewd professional will stop at nothing to advance his career.

In England, afraid of getting into trouble and being deported, Cliona works straight in shops and bars. With her unsettled background, she succumbs to her old habits, thievery and drugs. Her benevolent manager sees her potential and prevails on her to turn her life around. She takes up comedy work – discovering her vocation.

In Croatia, Leon cheats on colleagues and employs all sorts of chicanery. When his underhanded behaviour comes to light, he loses all he worked for. His wrath then turns on the people and society he believes have wronged him. In time, his anger runs out of road and his malice turns him into a killer.

Cliona and Leon cross paths during the breakup of Yugoslavia and their meeting results in something quite unexpected. 

Set during the tumultuous events of the late 1980s, the fall of the Berlin wall, the liberation of eastern Europe and the breakup of the Soviet Union, this story explores the interface between the positive side of human endeavour and its nemesis, the social tendency towards destruction.”

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